Which Will You Choose? Which Will You Choose?

The allegory of Plato’s Cave represents a closed environment where people lived their lives removed from the rest of the world. They were comfortable with their shadows, interacted with them and accepted their world as normal. They stayed within the walls of their caves while the world outside the cave changed. They did not want to learn what was outside their cave.

Today’s learning methodologies need to abandon the cave. As the world outside the cave changes, so should learning systems and methodologies.

eKranium opens the door to the cave. A new world of knowledge and a new learning adventure awaits you outside your cave :  The World of eKranium.

The cornerstone of The Sphere of Knowledge™

Welcome to eKranium's Knowledge Universe

eKranium is Inventing Knowledge™ for the Modern Mind by creating a fusion of arts, sciences and humanities to offer a full spectrum of knowledge, thinking and learning nurtured by the powerful underlying forces of technology.

eKranium’s unique approach integrates the wisdom of the classics with contemporary thoughts to offer a creative understanding to provoke thinking.

Learning is enhanced through our proprietary methodology named “eKubelets” in an entertaining and engaging way to enhance retention and recall abilities.

Utilizing the art of poetry, plays and storytelling to intellectually engage and immerse the participant in the ocean of knowledge.

Welcome to eKranium and its Sphere of Knowledge.

Join us, partner and participate with us in Inventing Knowledge™  for the future.

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What exactly is the Sphere of Knowledge?

The Sphere of Knowledge is formed by the connected entities below that offer a complete universe of knowledge. A series of educational tools and practices developed by Dan Khanna.


The Four Areas of eKranium

Socrates-Network logo

Socrates' Network

A social network where members chat, create, dialogue, and learn from one another through the exchange of ideas


Plato's Academy

Users are introduced to Plato’s library, where members learn new ideas, concepts, obtain reference materials, and access eKubelets.

Aristotl's Lyceum logo

Aristotle's Lyceum

A place to indulge in seminars and lectures provided by eKranium, along with a library and glossary of business resources

Zeus's Playground logo

Zeus' Playground

A source of educational and business-related games, mind teasers, trivia, and other ways to stimulate the mind

A Brief Introduction to eKubelets

ekubletes logo

What is A Kubelet?

eKubelets ties directly to eKranium. A Kubelet is a proprietary method to teaching a concept via story-telling. Some large corporations are no longer allowing PowerPoint to be used as a presentation tool. Stories encourage a high retention rate. eKubelets allows you to learn, and learn how to properly educate someone on a topic.


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Fusion of art, knowledge and technology to create a unique learning experience

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Creating innovative thinking in people and organizations

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Communicating and connecting through intelligent dialogue, papers, and experiments

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Dan Khanna

About eKranium's Creator Dan Khanna

Dan is the Creator and CEO of eKranium and Sphere of Knowledge Enterprises, which invents knowledge through interconnected and interlinked network ventures that offer a complete universe of knowledge.

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