Chief Knowledge Officer

Knowledge is the most important asset for any organization, yet, it is least understood, underappreciated, underutilized, and poorly implemented. Most organizations do not even have a knowledge policy or plan.  That’s where a Chief Knowledge Officer comes in.

The Goal of a Chief Knowledge Officer is to ensure that an enterprise has all the relevant knowledge at the right time for all the levels of the organization.

The responsibilities are:
To design and develop a coherent knowledge policy and plans for the enterprise and ensure that it is successfully implemented. Construct an appropriate knowledge and information technology infrastructure.
Utilize analytics and Big Data for decision-making, analysis, deriving knowledge from data for decision-making.

Recommended duties include:
Direct and oversee human resources, Chief Information Officer, training and development, coaching and mentoring staff, conducting, programs, seminars and courses.
Facilitate Thought-Dialogues with Executives.  Thought-Dialogues consist of engaging exchanges of ideas, thoughts, perspectives, issues to chart future courses of action.