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What is Aristotle's Lyceum?

The Lyceum (Greek) founded by Aristotle as a school of philosophy and a place for meetings and lectures from various scholars of that time. eKranium’s Lyceum provides lectures, seminars and programs that enhance knowledge through integration of the wisdom of the classics with contemporary thoughts and concepts.

Our Knowledge Initiatives provide that guidance.


eKranium is dedicated to the proliferation and cultivation of knowledge for individuals and organizations. Our unique approach weaves the wisdom of the classics with modern theories and concepts to provide a universe of knowledge experience. These evolving initiatives are designed to offer the maximum understanding of human intellect and thought. Our initiatives are designed and developed for individuals and organizations. For individuals, we have a new model, an alternate to coaching and mentoring.


An intelligent exchange of ideas and concepts to determine new perspectives.  For organizations we have designed provocative programs. Our customized simple model has two elements: Explanation and Execution.

  • From Homer to the Academy - Story and philosophy in understanding the myth and reality of our technology-driven world.


  • The Symphony Organization - Designing an organization of the future that blends arts, sciences and expertise modeled after the symphony orchestral design.


  • Weaving the Web -  Harnessing the thinking and philosophy in designing strategies for the future that encompasses 360 degrees perspective.


  • Creating a Lyceum of Creativity and Innovation - Creating an environment and infrastructure that encourages curiosity and imagination.

eKranium has developed a new model to enhance creativity and innovation for individuals and organizations. Aptly named “LYCEUM OF CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION,” its guiding philosophy is that one needs to provide an environment and infrastructure that fosters creativity and innovations. Lessons from three eras support our model:

Athens: Knowledge and philosophy

Renaissance: Art and culture

Silicon Valley: Technology

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